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I AM . . .
Born: June 18 (ala Sir Paul)
Birthplace: Sandusky, Ohio
Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR
Past Life Goal: Pro Bowler
Most Gigs: 200+ in One Year
Passions: Music & Animation
Favorite Movie: First Knight
Favorite Song: This One 
My Quote: “Music makes a kinder, more gentle world. . .
. . . one note at a time.”

Daniel is an accomplished professional songwriter and musician who performs solo and with the band “The Noted”.

His original songs, style and voice are often compared to Steely Dan, Train, Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, Sir Paul McCartney, Counting Crows, Supertramp, Randy Newman, Alan Parsons and Colin Hay.

Solo performances include diverse guitar/piano based originals, interpretive musical nods to hit singer-songwriters, and memory triggering trips with some acoustified classic rock-n-roll.

When performing with stellar Portland, OR band “The Noted” the depth and contrast of Daniel's original songs is amplified and enhanced with the versatile playing of band-members John Dwyer, Jeff Koch, Ben Haynor and drummer extraordinaire Mike Snyder.


"Thoughtful, SOFT ROCK for the tragically un-hip."

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